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Episode One

In which we learn what Snakeland was and how it relates to murder, teenage suicide and Satanism in Kenmore, NY, 1985.

Episode Two

In which we discuss the murder of Kathy Herold and its connection to Snakeland in Kenmore, NY, 1985.

Episode Three

In which we discuss the re-opening of the Kathy Herold cold case in 2007, and the accompanying assumption that has dogged the investigation ever since.

Episode Four

In which we discuss the inordinately high number of teenage suicides that haunted Kenmore West Senior High School throughout the 1980s.

Episode Five

In which we meet the enigma John Justice and learn the details of his brief starring role in 1985. (Part One)

Episode Six

In which we share the continuation and conclusion of the John Justice murders. (Part Two)

Episode Seven

In which we examine the cultural history of Kenmore, NY, in 1985-1986. (Part One).